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Member Area Privacy Policy


The Company abe – advanced business events is entitled to use your personal information for the appropriate management of the registration and participation in the events it organizes.

By registering on our Site (platform to arrange meetings), you make the commitment to deliver true and accurate information related to yourself. The communication of wrongful information is contrary to the present General Conditions as well as to the Terms of Use which appear on the Site.

You have the right – which you may exert at any time – to have access and to correct any or all of the information and data related to yourself, in compliance with the applicable European and National regulations (Law of the 25th of May, 2018).

abe  makes the commitment to undertake all the necessary measures to secure and to assure the protection of the data and information in compliance with its policies of privacy and confidentiality. If you wish to learn more on this matter:
If you wish to modify your contact data, you may do so directly in your private space (platform to arrange meetings).

  • Registration to take part in an event 

The Participant in an event shall create an account as Participant and submit the data and the information as stated in the presentation record, and particularly his/her complete contact data and a valid e-mail address, which shall be used to validate your registration.

advanced business events (abe)  withholds the right to verify the data and information registered in such record and to accept and to reject the creation of the participation record if the such data and information are insufficient, inappropriate, or deliberately wrongful in relation to the corresponding event. 

abe  is entitled to suppress the such participation record if the such is non-compliant with the General Conditions.

  • Identification items

If the creation of the presentation record is validated the identification items of the Participant shall be communicated to him/her. For reasons related to both security and privacy, only such identification items enable the Participant in an event to have access to their area. They are deemed to be considered as proof of identity of the Participant and they are binding as per the use thereof. They shall be considered as an electronic signature as established by the provisions of article 1316-4 of the Civil Code.

All the data and information related to the use of a user’s account will kept and stored by abe which shall be deemed entitled to use the such, mainly as means of proof, of all actions, files, records, to elaborate reports, statistics by any means, including the computing processing thereof, as submitted or recorded directly or indirectly by means of the Site and stored in the corresponding data base.

The Participant is solely and exclusively responsible for his/her identification items and shall solely bear the consequences stemming from the use of such identification items by any third party who shall have awareness thereof, or of the loss thereof. The Participant makes the commitment to inform abe within the shortest delay of the loss or the theft of such identification items.

All/any modification implemented on the applicable regulations of privacy & confidentiality and management of personal information shall be reported on this same Site. Such applicable regulations were updated for the last time on the 24th of May, 2018.

For any questions, comments, queries or suggestions related to such applicable regulations shall be transmitted to our appointed data protection officer to the following address:

advanced business events
to the attn. of the data protection officer
10 rue de la Rochefoucauld
92513 Boulogne-Billancourt Cedex, FRANCE